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Telecommunication Engineering

We are commit to practice real engineering. We believe, via telecommunication engineering, we able to build relationship. This is our real aspects of working with good ethics. We build competencies, we build experience and we build relationship. We offer best service and consult telecommunication project to complete the project well.

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Startup Incubation

Creztinno helps identifies and maximizes opportunities to local startup companies through our Startup Incubation Program. We will guide them by providing management training and help finding a suitable business model for their products or services.

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what we do for you

We provide world-class consulting services in telecommunication engineering and business. Our consultants are well-trained in the area RF telecommunication engineering, telecom expenses management, telecom assets management and we help people to innovate.

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Telecom Business Consulting

Our support to the telecommunication technophiles, either an individual or corporate subscriber, by providing telecom expenses management and telecom asset management. We manage for your to gain optimum revenue and profit.

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Training & Development

Creztinno team is confident in providing you the best training solutions. We have experiences in conducting numerous types of training courses. Our training platform helps our clients to improve their productivity apart from creating opportunity for new knowledge.

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Telecommunication Engineering

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